Norma Huss - Non-Fiction - A true adventure



 William Collins, at age eighty-eight, recorded his adventures as a young man during the mid-1920s when he traveled to Alaska to earn money for college.

In  Alaska, nineteen-year-old Bill found adventure, misadventure, and not much money. He faced hardships, made friends (and a few enemies), and had experiences that changed a boy into a man.

During three summers and one winter, Bill survived hunger, earthquake, stomping caribou, and icicle frost. He learned about stopes, sluice boxes, and powder smoke. One friend faced a bear for him. One enemy waited to knife him, another tried to smash his hand with a twenty-pound sledge. He had one lucky day and more than a few really bad days. 

This is the  story of the young man who became Norma's father.  He would be the first to admit, it is the story of a hot-head who learned the hard way. To his grandchildren, he was a man of legend. To those who never knew him, this story will bring tales of early days in Alaska and the quest for survival that men of his generation endured.


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 "This book ... begins innocently enough with Bill Collins coming home from college and getting talked into going to Alaska by his friend.
And from there on this book takes off. It tells of adventures we cannot imagine anymore in our interconnected world. ...

Also  interesting and beautiful are the descriptions of the landscapes. As a  dedicated environmentalist I wonder if it is still like this.

Side note: His story of how he and his buddy wire up a hotel in Alaska so it’ll have a 25V bulb in every room, is hysterical."
5-star Amazon review 

"A real family friendly book for all ages!"
5-star Amazon review