The Deserter and Other Stories


A COLLECTION that varies from flash fiction to novelette. Taking place from 1813 to present day, the stories range from tall tale to reimagined memory to mystery to humor, with characters from child to ghost.

The Deserter - Go back in time with a childless widow struggling for her independence during the War of 1812.

Flower of Death - Travel the mean city streets with a man suspected of murder.

In The Valley - Glimpse the pre-war world of 1941 through the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl.

Yesterday's News - Explore the unexpected (and possibly paranormal) story of a newspaper stringer.

The Goldarndest Earthquake of All - Zip through a 200-word tall tale from Alaska.

Protecting Tina - Learn to what lengths a man will go to protect his memories.

Driving Lesson - Get a new perspective on how hard it is to drive a car.

The Baglady and The Runaway - Tag along with a homeless woman as she discovers an interloper in her neighborhood.

Herbs to You - Spend some quality time with a retired shrimper and his herbally incantatious wife.

The Missing Clue - And finally, venture to the shores of Chesapeake Bay, where the restoration of an old skipjack meets mystery and deep-fried turkey.


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Writes of Passage

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